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Our office is in compliance with all state and federal laws, including but not limited to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act


Reduced Collections Costs

Outsourcing debt collections to a specialized team will enable you to avoid the hiring and recruiting costs to build an internal team. Additionally, our specialized outsourced teams are built to help scale as you need.


Reduced Delinquency Rates

With a PPS outsourced debt collection team, you are investing in a specialized collections team who follows best practices, and who are trained to handle difficult conversations with patience.


Reduced Collection Time

Access to our collections solutions and enables you to focus on your core activity and manage your own growth – without worrying how that might impact on your own credit department.


Increased Collection Rates

Having an effective specialized collections team increases collection success rates by generating more calls per hour and creating more opportunities to talk to borrowers.


Accounts Receivable

We are dedicated to managing your accounts receivable. Our promise is to bill your accounts quickly and efficiently. We can improve your cash flow while reducing your overhead.


Peace of Mind

Peace of mind by partnering with the safest and most-trusted market-leading agency that delivers best-practice in every area of our operations, as well as the highest standards of data security, compliance, risk, governance, and quality management.